Rückblick GEFTA Jahrestagung 2010

Die Gesellschaft für Thermische Analyse e.V., die Technische Universität Dresden und das Institut für Anorganische Chemie veranstalteten die GEFTA-Jahrestagung 2010 als gemeinsames Symposium von GEFTA - PTKAT - CWGTA mit dem Schwerpunktthema

Modelling and Experiments for Solving Phaseanalytical, Calorimetric, and Kinetic Problems

Technische Universität Dresden, D, 26.05.-28.05.2010

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Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

17:00 UhrMeeting of working group Thermophysics

Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010

10:00 UhrBoard meeting (Vorstandssitzung) GEFTA
11:00 UhrMeeting of working group Polymers
13:00 UhrOpening ceremony JSTAC - DD 2010
13:20 UhrAndrzej Malecki (Krakow/PL)
Theoretical Approach to Thermal Decomposition of Chosen Anhydrous Oxalates
14:00 UhrEdgar Langenberg (Lyon/F)
Use of the Calorimetric Techniques in the Evaluation of the CO2 Capture and Sequestration Technologies
14:20 UhrBarbara Malecka (Krakow/PL)
The Kinetics of Thermal Decomposition of FeC2O4 in Inert Atmosphere at Nononisothermal Conditions
14:40 UhrCoffee break /
Poster session
16:00 UhrJaroslav Sestak (Prague/CZ)
Macro and Micro World of Temperature and Thermal Analysis
16:40 UhrGerhard Schullerus (Hanau/D)
Fluctuations at DSC Measurements/Messschwankungen bei DSC Messungen
17:00 UhrHans-Peter Ebert (Würzburg/D
Aims and Activities of the Working Group "Thermophysics" in the GEFTA
17:30 UhrGeneral meeting (Mitgliederversammlung) GEFTA

Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

09:30 UhrKlaus Hack (Aachen/D)
The Use of an Integrated Thermodynamic Databank System for the Investigation of Enthalpy Related Reactive Systems
10:10 UhrOlga Fabrichnaya (Freiberg/D)
Experimental Studies and Thermodynamic Modelling of ZrO2-based Systems
10:30 UhrRoland Neher (Dresden/D)
Formation of Liquids in the System Al2O3, Y2O3, SiC/ Flüssigphasenbildung im System Al2O3, Y2O3, SiC
10:50 UhrCoffee break
11:30 UhrDetlef Klimm (Berlin/D)
TCrystal Growth and Thermal Analysis in Reactive Atmospheres Assisted by Thermodynamic Modeling
12:00 UhrDamian M. Cupid (Freiberg/D)
Thermodynamic Assessment of the Ti-Al-Nb System using Data from Thermal Analysis
12:20 UhrJorg Acker (Senftenberg/D)
Thermodynamic Consideration of Direct Synthesis of Methylchlor-Silanes/ Thermodynamische Betrachtung der direkten Synthese von Methylchlorsilanen
12:40 UhrLunch break
14:10 UhrMichael Binnewies (Hannover/D)
Experimental and Theoretical Methods in Gas Phase Thermochemistry
14:50 UhrBertrand Roduit (Sierre/CH)
Estimation of Time to Maximum Rate under Adiabatic Conditions (TMRad) Using Kinetic Parameters Derived from DSC - Investigation of Thermal Behavior of 3-Methyl-4- Nitrophenol
15:10 UhrHeiko Huth (Rostock/D)
Calorimetric Investigations of Ultrathin Film of Polyvinylacetate under Controlled Humidity: Material Science, Calorimetry
15:30 UhrCoffee break /
Poster session
16:50 UhrSimone Kruger (Berlin/D)
Chemical Analysis of Spruce Wood during Thermal Exposure
17:10 UhrSonja Eichholz (Giesen, Berlin/D)
Characterization of Nano-sized Diesel Exhaust Particles by TG-FTIR/MS and Electron Microscopy
17:30 UhrAnka Berger (Berlin/D)
Assessment of the Explosive Properties and Thermal Hazards of Azodicarboxylates
18:00 UhrExcursion "Dresden 1756"

Freitag, 28. Mai 2010

09:30 UhrJerzy Blazejowski (Gdansk/PL)
Molecular Interactions in the Context of the Stability and Reactivity of Crystalline Solids
10:10 UhrNadja Huber (Tübingen/D)
Coupling μ-XRD2 and DTA: New Insights in Processes with Delicate Temperature Dependence - the Gypsum-Bassanite-Anhydrite System as an Example
10:30 UhrMichael Feist (Berlin/D)
The Interplay of Thermal and Mechanical Activation. An Attempt to Understand Exothermal Water Release from Pseudoboehmite Phases
11:00 UhrClosing ceremony


P01 T. Schuffenhauer, J. Feller (Dresden/D)
Phase Relations in the Ternary System CuO/Ag2O/P2O5

P02 R. Wege, J. Feller (Dresden/D)
Phase Relations and Chemical Transport in the System Mo/V/O

P03 I. Weimann, J. Feller, Z. Zak (Dresden/D, Brno/CZ)
Phase Relations in the Quaternary System Cu/Ni/P/O

P04 A. Lacz, A. Malecki (Krakow/PL)
Emission of Harmful Compounds During the Thermal Decomposition of Foor Coverings

P05 L. Hensgen, K. Stowe (Saarbrucken/D)
Combinatorial Discovery of Catalysts for the Oxidation of Soot from Diesel Exhaust Gases with Thermal Analysis

P06 P. Pulisova, E. Vecernikova, M. Marikova, J. Subrt, V. Balek (Husinec-Rez/ CZ)
Characterization of Titania Precursors on Heating in Air

P07 A. Czulucki, M. Schmidt, S. Hoffmann, M. Binnewies, E. Milke, R. Kniep (Dresden/D)
Thermodynamische Modellrechnungen zum Chemischen Transport von Zr.Pn.Q (Pn = P, As; Q = Se, Te)

P08 S. Hoffmann, A. Wosylus, M. Schmidt, M. Ruck (Dresden/D)
Untersuchungen zum Hydrolyseverhalten von BiCl3 in Argon mittels TG-MS

P09 M. Worzakowska (Lublin/PL)
Curing Reaction of DCPD Terminated Unsaturated Polyesters with Styrene and Methyl Methacrylate

P10 M. Worzakowska (Lublin/PL)
The Thermal Properties of ST/UP and ST/UEP Copolymers

P11 L. Strnadlova, P. Sulcova, K. Borkova (Pardubice/CZ)
Thermal Study of Ce0.9Tb0.1O2 Compound

P12 P. Sulcova, V. Blovska, J. Luxova (Pardubice/CZ)
The Synthesis and Study of PrFeO3 Compound

P13 P. Sulcova, P. Bystrzycki (Pardubice/CZ)
Thermal Study of the (Bi2O3)0.5(Ln2O3)0.5 Compounds

P14 L. Bukovska, P Sulcova, M. Vondrasek, (Pardubice/CZ)
Synthesis and Colour Properties of Lu2Zr1,5V0,5O7 Pigment

P15 E. Hempel, M. Bauer (Teltow/D)
Calibration of 3-Layer-Calorimeters for Determination of Storage Capacity of PCMs

P16 L. Adolfova, Z. Dohnalova, P. Sulcova, M. Trojan (Pardubice/CZ)
Synthesis of Cr-doped SrSnO3

P17 J. Cech, P. Sulcova, Z. Dohnalova, M. Trojan (Pardubice/CZ)
Study of Colour Properties of Ni Doped Titanium Dioxide

P18 D. Merz, O. Dregert (Karlsruhe/D)
Water Vapor TA Experiments for Mathematic Modelling of Combustion Processes

P19 M. Grochowicz , B. Gawdzik (Lublin/PL)
The Chemical Structure and Thermal Properties of Polymeric Microspheres Obtained from Multifunctional Methacrylate Monomers

P20 P. Davies, W. Kunze, M. Schennen (Crawley/UK, Eschborn/D)
The Use of High Heating Rates to Characterize Flame Retardant Materials by Thermogravimetric Analysis

P21 S. Kruger, A. Berger, N. Gude, U. Krause, (Berlin/D)
Thermoanalytical Investigations During a Car Fire

P22 S. Kruger, T. Raspe, U. Krause, (Berlin/D)
Investigations of Smoke Emission and Smoke Gas Composition in the Smoke Density Chamber

P23 M. Wszelaka-Rylik, M. Sokolowska, J. Poznanski, W. Bal (Warsaw/PL, Wroclaw/PL)
Three Distinct Binding Sites for Co(II) Ions Human Serum Albumin-Thermodynamic Calculation

P24 P. Gierycz, M. Wszelaka-Rylik (Warsaw/PL)
Thermal Analysis of Nanostructured Calcite Crystals Covered with Phospholipid Layers

P25 R. Geisler (Neuherberg/D)
Assays of Complex Samples Using Mass Spectrometry with Soft Single Photon Ionisation Coupled to Thermal Analysis

P26 M. Schoneich, T. Lorenz, M. Bawohl, T. Nilges, P.Schmidt (Dresden, Münster, München/D)
Phase Formation in the System Hg/P/I Induced by Evaporation Pressure

P27 E. Fuglein (Selb/D)
Some Remarks on ASTM E 2105-00: Standard Practice for General Techniques of Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) Coupled with Infrared Analysis (TGA/IR)

P28 S. Eichholz, E. Fuglein (Selb/D)
Zinc Stearate a Standard Material for the TG-FTIR Method? Related to ASTM E 2105-00: Standard Practice for General Techniques of Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) Coupled with Infrared Analysis (TGA/IR)

Tagungsorganisation: PD Dr. Peer Schmidt

Technische Universität Dresden, Institut für Anorganische Chemie

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