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GEFTA'40 - hotel recommendations
Two Hotels are situated in the direct neighbourship on the Campus and offer the possibility of early reservations for special symposium conditions.
Download GEFTA'40 Hotel-recommendations as PDF

Dorint Hotel
AddressRudower Chaussee 14
12489 Berlin
Rudower Chaussee 15
12489 Berlin
Single 63 € 88 €
Double 75 € 114 €
Breakfast 12 €included
Booking codeGEFTA'40GEFTA'40
Reservation dead lineAugust 15, 2014August 16, 2014
Phone+49 30 720 2222 000+49 30 678 220
Fax+49 30 720 2222 100+49 30 678 221000

Do not accept a special accommodation service for your hotel booking!

Several contributors, primarily from the instrumentation suppliers, were contacted by rather aggressive publicity activities of a certain Exhibitors Housing Service. Please note that GEFTA has no commercial relationships with that company, and note further that we do not recommend to accept these offers. Contrarily to their announcements, the offered service is not free of charges.

Please note the following:
In the meantime, the City of Berlin collects a City Tax for hotel accommodation of tourists. 5% added to the usual price. For business purposes this tax will not be required, but a corresponding declaration about the business character of the trip (which will be the case here) is needed. Either you send it to the hotel by fax or you may deposit it at the reception desk of the hotel.

Please download the PDF-file of the declaration in German.